Carried on the Wind

A slide show of Carried on the Wind a play by Cait Davis & Annie Sutton. Carried on the Wind was not only about the First World War, but all of the conflicts since that time that have made such demands on our people. The play was not only about the men and women who fought and served in the war, but their families at home. We worked since last Easter creating a piece of theatre that we believed paid tribute to the people of Gloucestershire. We spent many hours researching and workshopping ideas with the help of two excellent professional practitioners, Annie Sutton and Cait Davis. We all took part in these workshops with all members able to offer their own personal contributions. Cait Davis took on the task of writing the actual script based on the material that emerged from the workshops. During our research it became obvious to us that these huge sacrifices are demanded of so many of our armed forces and their families to this day. And so it is to the men and women of Gloucestershire throughout the past 100 years that we dedicated this performance.